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Faculty Salary, Benefits, Leaves, and Retirement

Compensation Arrangements:

  • Bimonthly pay periods
  • Policy regarding payment during summer before service rendered (Policy 6-301)
  • School of Medicine Full Time Faculty Practice Plan (Policy 8-001)
  • School of Nursing Faculty Practice Plan (Policy 8-100)

Payroll Office

Human Resources

Faculty as employees are covered by University policies and procedures that pertain to all employees. In some areas, however, there are distinctions between staff employees and faculty employees regarding benefits, retirement, and employee relations.

Faculty: The Associate Vice President for Faculty on main campus and the Faculty Administration Office in the School of Medicine provide many HR types of functions, including the administration of appointments; faculty reviews, including Retention, Promotion, and Tenure and post-tenure; parental leaves; review of RPT criteria; and a role in faculty grievance processes.

University Human Resources administer the benefits package for all eligible employees, including faculty and staff.

In addition, HR provides advice/support arising out of the supervision and employment of staff employees through its Employee Relations department.

Fringe Benefits/Benefits

Leaves/Paid Time Off

  • Leaves of Absences: Health-Related (Policy 5-200)
    • Sick leave
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Leaves of Absences: Non-Health Related (Policy 5-201)
    • With Pay
      • Funeral Leave
      • Jury Duty
      • Military Training
    • Without Pay
      • Political Leave
      • Special Leave
      • Military Leave
    • Faculty: Leaves of Absence (Policy 6-314)
      • With Pay
        • Sabbatical
        • Administrative Leave
        • Academic Librarian Leave
        • Obligation to Return
      • Without Pay
        • Leave of Absence
        • Partial Leave with Partial Pay
      • Faculty Parental Leave (with pay)
        • Faculty Parental Leave of Absence Policy & Form (Policy 6-315)
        • School of Medicine Faculty Parental Leave Policy & Form (Policy 8-002)
      • Vacation Leave Policy (Policy 5-301)
        • Only for faculty with 12-month appointments

Retirement Program & Policies (University & Employee Funded)