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Faculty ePAFs

PeopleSoft is the University’s application software used to submit ePAFs (electronic personnel actions).

ePAFs will be submitted in order to initiate a new hire, to move an employee to a “leave” status, to end a temporary faculty assignment for which they are receiving compensation (such as a grant), and to terminate employment -- among other actions.

For faculty positions, the routing process and required documentation for ePAFs incorporates the necessary approvals for both the faculty appointment, as well as the faculty employment details (salary, FTE, start date, etc).


There are two types of roles in relation to faculty ePAFs -- ePAF Initiators and ePAF Approvers. Once an ePAF is submitted by the Initiator, it cannot be changed unless the Approver recycles the ePAF to Initiator (who makes any necessary corrections and then sends the ePAF through the approval process once again).

ePAF Initiators:

In order to submit a faculty ePAF, you must receive training from the Office for Faculty. To schedule a time for training please reach out to

Resources and instructions regarding the submission of faculty ePAFs are included below.

ePAF Approvers:

By approving the ePAF within PeopleSoft, each ePAF approver is verifying that everything on the ePAF has been inspected, and the ePAF is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge.

ePAF approvers are encouraged to receive training, as well. Please reach out to to schedule a time for training.