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Recently Appointed Deans Working Group

This is a year-long working group for recently appointed deans at which we address additional topics and share ideas, strategies, and struggles.

The working group aims to provide a safe space for open and honest dialogue among our recently appointed deans. With that goal in mind, sessions are not taped. If you attended one of these meetings and would like a copy of one of the shared materials please email us at

2023-2024 Academic Year

  • September 21, 2023 - Budget; How Funds Flow, Financial Strategic Planning, Q&A
  • November 30, 2023 - Designing Integrated Systems for Merit & Equity-Based Faculty Evaluation & Compensation: A Case Study
  • January 18, 2024 - Topic TBD
  • March 21, 2024 - Topic TBD
  • May 16, 2024 - Using 20/20 Hindsight to Plan

View topics from previous years below: