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Qualified Interdisciplinary Teaching Program (QITP) Faculty Reviews

The designation as a Qualified Interdisciplinary Teaching Program (QITP) is given to academic units that are not administratively housed within any academic department and not otherwise authorized to make appointments of faculty of any category, and have:

*Interdisciplinarity of subject matter.

*Teaching as one of the primary functions, and with established expertise in offering multiple courses (particularly including credit-bearing courses for the undergraduate curriculum) significant to the overall teaching mission of the University.

*Established internal governance structures suited to providing faculty-peer input and internal administrator input for making recommendations regarding appointments, periodic evaluations, and reappointments of Lecturer faculty candidates.


Qualified Interdisciplinary Teaching Programs are:

-The LEAP Program

-The Honors College (formerly known as the Honors Program)

-The Entertainment & Arts and Engineering Program

-The Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program


QITPs, in conjunction with the University Interdisciplinary Teaching Program Committee, have the limited authority to make appointments and review faculty in the category of Lecturer.

Additionally, each QITP has a Statement of rules describing procedures, criteria, and standards for initial employment, reemployment, and periodic evaluations of Lecturers and non-faculty instructional personnel (as defined in Policy 6-310) who perform teaching activities in the Program.


Rule 6-310(IDTP): Appointment, Reappointment and Evaluation of Lecturer Faculty and Other Non-Faculty Instructional Personnel in Qualified Interdisciplinary Teaching Programs